Bring your schemes digitally to the hands of electricians, maintainers and partners

Opera4SPAC is an innovation in the CAD world born from the integration of SPAC technology for electrical design and Opera Industry technology for the management of technical activities in the field.

Thanks to this synergy, the Electrical CAD leaves the boundaries of the office and arrives in the hands of installers and service technicians.
Now who draws the electrical scheme can send the output tables on Smartphones connected to SPAC Automazione with the Opera App, without ever leaving the CAD environment and with the certainty of data sharing in real time.

But not only, with the Opera4SPAC plug-in the technician in the field can indicate from his Smartphone all the changes and notes to the tables of the electric scheme, using photos, movies, audio or even free-hand drawing on the screen. The designer can then use the same environment to make the modifications, closing the integration cycle.

Opera4SPAC is an interface for SPAC Automazione

How does it work

1 - The designer develops a project and the documentation

The designer develops the electrical scheme and creates all the necessary documentation in SPAC. When the schemes are done, or when the designer deems it is appropriate, he decides to send the diagrams to the technician in the field. At this point he chooses where to place the document in the frame of the Opera Job Orders; the dynamic PDF of the scheme arrives on the Opera Industry Cloud together with an associated Work Order..

2 - Consult the schemes on the field

In the field, using the Opera Industry App, it is possible to consult the electrical scheme that is synchronized with the Opera cloud. When there are reports that the cabling or the installer wants to give to the designer, they are inserted directly on the electrical schemes' tables, writing or drawing on the Smartphone display the graphic or textual indications, that will be sent to the cloud.

3 - The installer communicates annotations and variations

The notes on the electrical scheme made on the Smartphone are displayed to the designer who can then review the schemes and tables and send the updated file to the technician in the field also in real time.


The advantages in using a structured management system for the phases following the project are unquestioned:

  • Information is always organized and available everywhere
  • Communications are tracked and it is easy to reconstruct the changes history
  • Significant time savings in managing feedback from the field
  • Greater reactivity in the management of projects
  • Better activities control, it is possible to evaluate the status of the works and solve the critical issues from the web application

Work phases

With Opera4SPAC you can access all the functions of the Opera Industry system, taking advantage of the operational phases of the Job Order:

  • Wiring of electrical panels, machines and systems
  • Testing and verification procedures
  • Installation at customers offices
  • Plant start-up and acceptance
  • Periodic or extraordinary maintenance
  • Assistance and after-sales service

Main features

Further information


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