Caneco BT

Calculation, dimensioning and verification of low-voltage electrical networks

Caneco BT is a calculation Software for the dimensioning and verification of low voltage power grids and to design an electrical system using any type of protection from the most popular manufacturers.

A useful tool in the design of the electrical network, Caneco BT is characterized by a simple and intuitive user interface. All documents and reports are generated in Italian and can be automatically translated into various languages including French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Among its main features is the presence of the multi-brand protections archives, that consent the design of civil and industrial electrical systems using any type of protection from the main manufacturers in the industry, and the ability to support any power source, with the ability to create custom circuit types.

Another important feature of Caneco BT is the possibility to perform the dimensioning and verification calculations using in addition to the norm IEC 64-8, other 16 international norms (IEC 60364, HD384, BS7671, NF C15-100, VDE, REBT, RGIE-AREI, ÖNORM, NIN-BT, NP, NEN1010, NBR 5410, CSN, AS / NZ 3008, NEK 400 and SS 4364000, marine norm).

It is used in the civil, industrial and service sectors thanks to a complete multi-brand archive of protections including ABB, Ave, Bticino, General Electric, Gewiss, Hager, Legrand, Merlin-Gerin, Moeller, Siemens and Telemecanique.

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Caneco BT generates all the diagrams and documents necessary for the design, construction, verification and maintenance of the plant.

Main features:

  • Available in two versions:
    • Caneco BT Expert -  version up to 6300A, 2000 circuits, Ik3 Max 200kA
    • Caneco BT 630 Expert - version up to 630A, 200 circuits, Ik3 Max 25kA
  • It supports any power source
  • Allows the user to create easily customized circuit types
  • It suggests the most suitable and economical protection for the circuit
  • It allows several checks on the network (panel absorption, comparison with power supply, line overload, voltage drop, thermal and electrodynamic stresses, short-circuit currents, etc.)
  • It recalculates instantly the power available in the panel after inserting or modifying a load
  • It presents the main calculation results in an intuitive window from which it is possible to access easily the details of the various elements
  • It presents the various components selecting, if possible, the most economical option
  • Management of absorption classes during the absorptions calculation
  • New interface to create different user profiles
  • Print of the functional synoptic of low voltage electrical systems
  • Inverter management improved
  • Manufacturers' catalogs updated
  • Update of the CEI 64-8 norm with CPR cables (Construction Products Regulation) for cable safety testing (effective from 01/07/2017) • Update of the REBT, RGIE, VDE, NFC norms
  • Implementation of new NEK and SS norms (Norway and Sweden)

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