Caneco HT

Dimensioning and verification of high / medium voltage power grids

Caneco HT it is an advanced tool dedicated to all professionals who deal with the design and control of electrical installations (industrial or civil) high / medium voltage: thanks to the integration of the UNE / IEC 60909 international calculation norm (on request, norms HD909, IEC61663, NF13200, IEC60092 and IEC60502 are also available) guarantees to those who use it to work respecting the safety requirements.

Caneco HT makes it possible to check the conformity of an existing plant or calculate new projects quickly and safely; it was developed by ALPI (SDProget partner since 1996), a leading French company in the Software for the dimensioning and verification of electrical systems.

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Caneco HT guarantees compliance of the calculations with the electrical standards and the international norms IEC 60909, NF C 13-200 or VDE276.

Main features:

  • Automatic creation of all the documentation necessary to detail each system feature
  • Selection and verification of electric cables
  • Calculation of the short-circuit currents necessary for the protections sizing
  • Definition and storage of all system configurations
  • Analysis of the most unfavorable configuration in order to guarantee the network compliance
  • Export your project and all the calculations in HTML, PDF and DXF format
  • Catalog of cables, alternators, transformers, motors and fuses
  • Graphical interface that supports the professional in every project phase

Some high-level integrative services are made available to the designer with Caneco HT, such as annual product updates, telephone assistance and advanced training on the Software use.

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