Why invest in professional CAD software for electrical design


Why invest in professional CAD software for electrical design

We strongly believe in the potential of electrical CAD and believe it is an essential tool for today's designers.

This is why we argue that industry professionals should invest in professional CAD software for electrical design.

In a previous news dedicated to the role of CAD in design, we defined electrical CAD as a software that can support the design of machinery and electrical systems.

In fact, the electrical CAD allows the designer to make calculations, but also to examine, simulate, modify and create projects. 

This type of software replaces manual drawing with an automated process that allows you to create a project in a simple and intuitive way and to create the related technical documentation..

Let's go deeper into this topic and find out what are the advantages of using a professional CAD for electrical design.

All the advantages of a professional electrical CAD

In general, using an electrical CAD in the design phase allows you to benefit from automated operations and complete libraries of symbols that allow you to:

  • increase productivity
  • reduce errors
  • provide accurate information to production

When the designer designs electrical systems using software not specifically designed for these tasks, he often has to resort to manual gimmicks to get the job done.. This involves a waste of precious time to devote to design and a reduction in productivity, not to mention the possibility of incurring human error.

For its part, the electrical CAD has many features that allow users to significantly increase design efficiency. For example, a professional software allows you to work with the utmost precision because:

  • provides specialized functions for the electricity sector
  • has a large database of graphic symbols that are always updated
  • allows you to generate BOMs structured at levels
  • offers an accurate visualization of the final product and its components
  • supports the designer in drafting the technical documentation

The offer of a professional SDProget CAD for electrical design

To meet the needs of our customers we have created a CAD software for electrical design.

Specifically, we have a solution for industrial design.

SPAC Automazione: professional CAD for the industrial sector

SPAC Automazione, for example, is the highly automated and flexible professional design system, designed specifically for the industrial sector.

It guarantees maximum productivity to designers and provides professionals with a full range of specialized modules.

Cabling: the software for electrical wiring

Within our range we also offer Cabling, the software for electrical wiring.

This is the ideal tool for those who design and produce electrical wiring in any sector, from cars to railways, from naval to earth-moving machinery, but not only.

Cabling, in fact, is also ideal for the design of electrical wiring in the case of household appliances, machine tools and handling.

SPAC Data Web: the component database update service

The professional who uses our CADs can also benefit from SPAC Data Web and have always updated data and components.

SPAC Data Web, in fact, is the update service, through online synchronization, of the component database that we make available for designers who use SPAC Automazione.

These two software have, at the time of installation, a predefined database that contains a selection of components from some of the main electrical equipment manufacturers.

During the year, we systematically enrich this database and, thanks to the SPAC Data Web service, the user can update it with a few clicks directly within the software.

Contact us for more information on our CAD software offering for electrical design.

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