SPAC EasySol Mobile

App for iPhone e iPad

SPAC EasySol Mobile is an application for iPhone and iPad, that allows to make the production estimate and the preliminary design of the photovoltaic system, in a fast and intuitive way.

Thanks to the device features, it will be automatically determined the system location by GPS, the orientation and inclination of the roof, the annual producibility of the plant calculated using the climate database, the available area and the necessary modules.

All project data is saved on standard SPAC EasySol format and can be sent directly to the office computer via email, including photographs.

SPAC EasySol Software will continue the development of the definitive project, selecting the Modules/Inverter from a multi-brand archive and making the economic choices to get then automatically all the documentation necessary for the creation of the system according to CEI standards. That includes the electrical schemes in AutoCAD (DWG) format, the complete technical and economic reports (with Business Plan) and the document for the electrical connection of the system in Word format.

Free download App available on iTunes

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