Optional modules

Cables Module

the Cables Module is a program specialized in the advanced management of cables and wires that provides the working environment of SPAC Automation simplicity of use, design quality, great productivity and integration.

C4S Cabling for SPAC

Cabling is a module that allows to design, analyze and document electrical wiring in various application fields.
It is available as standalone Software or as an optional module for SPAC Automation.

PDM Module

Interfacing with Software for collecting and organizing files in the conception, design and production phases is guaranteed by the optional module that packages the schemes data and prepares the PDF/DWG to share the projects visualization.

Translator Module

Equipped with a multilingual database already provided with about 1200 sentences in 7 languages, the Translator Module is the ideal tool to replace the texts on the electrical diagrams with the equivalent in another language or to display the same sentence on the scheme in different languages.

3D Cables Length Simulation Module

It calculates the lengths of the cables making the 3D routing on the mechanical model of the plant / machine. The SPAC Cables Bill of Materials will consider the lengths calculated in this way.

3D PDF Generator Module

It is able to generate a 3D PDF containing both the mechanical model and the 3D cable paths creating an exceptional document to dynamically highlight the cable routes of a plant / machinery.

Interface with other Software


Opera4SPAC is the new technology integrated with SPAC to bring your schemes directly into the hands of technicians, electricians and maintenance operators, whether they are located in the factory or around the world, taking advantage of the power of the Opera Industry Cloud


The Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (or P&ID) is a drawing that shows the equipment of a fluid handling/processing plant, the interconnection piping system and the instrumentation used for the process control.
On the P&ID design there are components (valves, equipment and instruments) that need to be included on the functional electrical scheme as electrical devices.

P&ID is a bidirectional interface for the exchange of information between the process diagram, created with ESApro P&ID, and the wiring diagram created with SPAC Automazione.