• CAD Software for the design of photovoltaic systems
    Scientific rigor and great simplicity of use in a single product.

SPAC EasySol

Software for the design of Photovoltaic Plants

SPAC EasySol is the CAD Software for the design of photovoltaic systems that combines scientific rigor with great ease of use.

Developed with Autodesk technology, SPAC EasySol integrates the AutoCAD OEM graphic engine and allows the automatic drafting of all the designs, technical and economical documentation required for the complete project execution.

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SPAC EasySol is a professional and efficient Software with a strong process automation that makes it extremely reliable and easy to use.

Graphical input in AutoCAD

Drawings with AutoCAD OEM integrated in the Software, SPAC symbols in DWG format

Catalog of irradiation data locations around the world

The irradiation data of all the world capitals have been included. The Software is able to quote and work with all the countries of the world since it is possible to add other locations, either by taking data from websites or from other sources

Check Inverter Coordination \ Panel

Automatic configuration of strings and electrical checks.

Economic analysis with calculation of deductions

All current technical, economic and tax regulations are included (IRPEF Deductions, Tax Depreciation, FER Decree and Ecobonus 110%). The updates are however constant and guaranteed.

The implant DOSSIER

From SPAC EasySol it is possible to print the system documents in a single file (Dossier). It contains: The Drawing, the technical and economic reports and the PDF of the materials used.

SPAC Data Web

The connection with SPAC Data Web is guaranteed by SPAC EasySol, for the constant updating of the Material Database.

Single-line drawing

The photovoltaic circuit diagram drawing is automatically carried out by the EasySol software in AutoCAD DWG format and can be modified with specific libraries and commands.

Updating the databases

The databases are already supplied updated with the latest inverters, batteries and modules, including the technical data sheets in PDF format.


The new Dbcenter command allows you to drag the panel symbols onto a plan from the archives, the electrical symbols of a functional design or the shapes for the topographies.

Improve CAD commands

The design of single-wire and multi-wire schemes (Cross-Reference, Bill of Materials, Terminal Blocks) is even more performing.

New QR-Code Generator command

Create the QR-Codes for each component, to communicate readable information with the free dedicated QRSpac App (iOS and Android).

Accurate Business Plan

Data entry of the bill in the Business Plan and management of batteries for storage through the appropriate environment.

Air conditioning configuration

With SPAC EasySol it is possible to manage the configuration of the air conditioning parameters.


SPAC EasySol has the function for the automatic drafting of the Declaration of Conformity.

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